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Discover Coimbra's charm in autumn

Are you looking for an autumn destination? Maybe somewhere sunny, still hot but not too much, where you can have great food, amazing landscapes, fascinating history and culture attractions all toghether? And still be close to the beach to relax??

That is a lot to ask, but lucky you, in Coimbra you can find it all...

September and October offer dry and warm sunny days (average temperatures from 20 to 22ºC) perfect to escape from the rainy autumn European weather. Away from the the summer tourist crowds, Coimbra is the best destination either for family holidays, romantic trips or to travel with friends...

You will be inspired by the unique autumn colours that tint the beautiful landscapes. Explore gardens, parks and historic buildings and be amazed by the colour scheme, the red and orange leaves popping out the grey of old castle stones....

Visit the tumb of Saint Isabel (de Aragón), known by the miracle of the roses or be amazed by the naves of the church in the old monastery.

Get lost into the narrow streets, have fun in the freshmen's student's parade or head into the vineyards and join local people to smash freshly picked grapes with your feet!

Visit Coimbra in autumn and you will fall in love with this charming region...

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Coimbra's Gardens: Botanic Garden, Coimbra city park, Choupal and Quinta das Lagrimas

Monasterys of Santa Clara a Velha and Santa Clara a Nova

Coimbra Uptown and Downtown

Student's traditions (Student's parade Latada)

Wine harversts, vineyards and wine cellars

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