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FeelCoimbra apartments have a strategic location that allows our guests to immerse themselves in the thriving cultural landscape of Coimbra city and at same time enjoy high quality accommodation either for holiday or work stays.
Situated on a hill overlooking the city, the University of Coimbra-Alta and Sofia has grown and evolved over more than seven centuries and was recently ranked in 2013 as World Heritage by UNESCO. This is historically the most important area of the city and also the most visited.

FeelCoimbra apartments are located in the neighbourhood of Santa Clara, in the areas of Guarda Inglesa and Quinta da Várzea, benefiting from both proximity to the historic center and downtown Coimbra and the serenity of green areas along the river and Quinta das Lagrimas. Around you will find the main areas of interest to visit and enjoy the beauty of the city of Coimbra. Our apartments are situated just 15 minutes walk from the central train station Coimbra -A and Largo da Portagem, allowing to easily reach the airport (Sá Carneiro - Porto and Portela- Lisbon) or any other city, in a convenient, fast and economical way, and also easily make use of all other means of urban public transport. 

Enclosed in history and for long considered the intellectual and cultural center of Portugal, Coimbra district is a timeless destination that inspired the work of acclaimed poets and writers, a long tradition of Fado and a unique legacy of cheerfully academic rituals.


Described as the city with more history of this region, Coimbra hosts some of the most revered monuments and customs of the district. At the highest point of the city, you will find the prestigious University of Coimbra and its majestic library of the eighteenth century as well as the lovely Botanical Gardens. This prime location yet lie the Sé Nova cathedral, from the sixteenth century, and the famous National Museum Machado de Castro.


The Quebra Costas - a long staircase that leads from the Alta de Coimbra to it´s historic center (downtown) - became for itself a tourist attraction. There you will find lively streets full of typical restaurants and bars, all kinds of shops and many cafes. The Sé Velha (old cathedral), City Hall and the Mosteiro de Santa Cruz are some of the area's major attractions and deserve a visit.

Every year, Coimbra attracts visitors from all over the world to its lively academic festival, where thousands of enthusiastic students proudly parade with their black cloaks by city streets, singing folk songs and filling the streets with the sound of the guitars. 

Another place worthing a visit is the famous Portugal dos Pequeninos, situated on the south bank of the river. It is a wonderful space, where visitors of all ages can explore replicas of typical Portuguese villages, national monuments and buildings in miniature. Do not miss the intriguing ruins of the Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha , and the green beauty of Quinta das Lágrimas and romantism of Fonte dos Amores, nearby.


"Do Choupal até à Lapa

Foi Coimbra, os meus amores.

A sombra da minha capa.

Deu no chão, abriu em flores.


Ó Coimbra do Mondego

E dos amores que eu lá tive

Quem não te viu, anda cego

Quem não te ama, não vive"


Zeca Afonso-  Do Choupal até a Lapa



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